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Let’s start with the good news.  Groundbreaking innovations are unfolding across our industry.  The effectiveness of flame retardants, an essential component of fire-resistant insulation used in constructing homes and buildings, is now advancing further than ever before.  That’s a major achievement in the field of chemistry and it means a world of enhanced safety for families, workers, firefighters, indeed all of us. 

The products being created with those new molecules are also more durable than ever before.  They are more efficient which means lower costs in upfront in investment and over time.  They are carefully regulated and meet the environmental standards that are established at the state and federal levels. While noting all that progress is the result of years of diligent research and development and a conscientious dedication to creating the safest possible product that meets a crucial need in the market. 

But activism masquerading as journalism is creating a distorted picture of both the development and regulation of these essential products.  Often it seems each new step forward in our industry is reflexively met with hostility.  It starts with shoddy, erroneous analysis at specialized, biased publications.  Those flawed pieces are then marketed by agenda-driven, fundraising activist groups resulting in journalists delivering slanted reporting that is anything but objective and sound. 

No one in our field is asking for favored coverage in the news media.  But we do intend to have an honest public conversation about the impact and benefits of our products and practices.  Reporting on those issues ought to be objective and free of any ulterior agenda.  It ought to be rigorously accurate, free of omissions or distortions, and based on sound science that can be verified.  If there are aspects in dispute, then a balanced presentation of those competing views should be shown.  Most importantly, that coverage ought to be held accountable to the public, based on those commonly accepted standards that the profession of journalism promises to uphold. 

The purpose of this website is to serve as a platform for close scrutiny of the way that products and issues in our field are being reported and argued in the public discourse.  We aim to do this in a measured, clinical way – not based simply on what we would prefer but instead by drawing on journalism’s own guidelines. 

We stand behind our work and the science that makes it possible.  That integrity comes with an ethical obligation to speak out and take part in the public conversation – particularly when we see distortions and misinformation taking place. 

The most important assessment of credibility belongs to all our stakeholders and the public more broadly – and that’s who judges what is reliable, accurate, and trustworthy.  We hope you will join in the dialogue. 

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