California Votes to Allow Insulation Without Flame Retardants

Who: California Building Standards Commission*

What: The Commission voted to allow foam insulation without flame retardants to be used in below grade applications and exempt them from fire safety testing. Click here to view the full hearing.

Where: Sacramento, California

When: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Why:  Green activists used unsupported rhetoric and a single study from an unaccredited lab to push for this measure. The underlying data in the report actually confirms that foam insulation without flame retardants is easily ignited compared to those with flame retardants.

*Commission Members:

Secretary Marybel Batjer – Chair
Steven Winkel – Vice-Chair
Larry Booth
Elley Klausbruckner
Erick Mikiten
Rajesh Patel
Peter Santillan
Kent Sasaki
Juvilyn Alegre